Conditional Sentence Types in English Cheat Sheet

February 07, 2024

Let’s review all conditional sentence types in english:

Condition Future REAL:

  • If I have money, I will travel around the world.
  • If I am good at speaking, I will get the highest mark.

Condition Future UnREAL:

  • If I was good at the communication skill, I would start my business.
  • If you helped me, we would finish the project earlier.

Condition Past REAL:

  • If I had money, I bought my favorite car.
  • If I could choose, I selected another test center.
  • If you helped me, we finished the project earlier.

Condition Past UnREAL:

  • If I had had enough money, I would have traveled all around the world.
  • If you had studied enough, you would have passed the exam easily.
  • If you had driven carefuly, he would not have died.
  • If you had talked to me before, I could have given you some advice.

Condition Present REAL:

  • If I have enough money, I buy my favorite car.
  • If the whether is nice, she walks to work.

Condition Present UnREAL:

  • If I had ample money, I would spend it to gain more experience.
  • If I had enough time, I would study more.