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Connect to Existing Running Desktop Session using x11vnc

Install x11vnc in ubuntu 18.04 and connect to existing running X session desktop

Install Ubuntu 20.04 via PXE UEFI Setup

Install and Boot Up Ubuntu 20.04 via PXE UEFI.

Migrate a Single WordPress site to Multisite WordPress System Using WP CLI

How to transfer and migrate a single WordPress site manually using WP CLI to a multisite WordPress.

Access to the SAVI using Web Portal

SAVI (Smart Application on Virtual Insfrastructure) is a partnership of Canadian industry, academia, research and education networks, and high-performance computing centres. This is a quick tutorial on how to get started with SAVI using web portal.

Run PyCharm IDE over SSH using Remote Host Interpreter

If you have a Linux VM running on the VirtualBox you can access it using SSH from your local machine and execute python codes using PyCharm IDE using SSH interpreter.

Reverse SSH to Access Hosts Behind the NAT

How to connect to a Linux system in your home or behind the NAT when you do not have a public IP?

VNC Server in Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and CentOS 7

Install TightVNC server in ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and CentOS 7

Create an Overlay Network in Ubuntu using Open vSwitch (OVS)

How to create an overlay network in Ubuntu in four easy steps with Open vSwitch (OVS)? By creating an overlay network, you can have an extra interface attached to your system with any arbitrary IP that you would like. You can also join other machines to this network and have connectivity between all of them using the overlay IPs.