Reverse SSH to Access Hosts Behind the NAT

January 17, 2020

Assume you have a local machine behind NAT and there is a relay machine that has a public IP address. You want to have access to the local computer from anywhere.

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Getting Started

Create SSH from Local to the Relay Machine

Log into the relay machine and then pick any arbitrary available port up. Here we use port 10022:

# -f send to the background
# -N means there is no command to execute
#    over an established ssh connection
# -R is used for port forwarding. Any request sent to the 
#    port 10022 of the relay machine will be forwarded to 
#    the port 22 of the local machine.

ssh -fN -R 10022:localhost:22 <relay-username>@<relay-ip>

Then from anywhere on the Internet, first ssh to the relay computer and then within the terminal of relay machine ssh to the local machine:

Connect to the Local Machine from the Relay Machine

ssh -p 10022 <local-username>@localhost

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