Duolingo French Course Guide

I’ve been learning French for some time now and this section contains the learning materials for the Duolingo French course, which will be updated as I progress through the course. Join me on this journey!

General notes:

Section 01: Rookie

  • Unit 1: Use basic phrases, Greet people
  • Unit 2: Introduce yourself, Use the present tense
  • Unit 3: Get around town, Refer to family members
  • Unit 4: Talk about things you do, Form the plural
  • Unit 5: Use the present tense, Describe your family
  • Unit 6: Order food and drink

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Section 02: Explorer

  • Unit 1: Use gender and number agreement, Discuss destinations
  • Unit 2: Describe your home, Describe where you work
  • Unit 3: Talk about food, Use gender and number agreement
  • Unit 4: Use the present tense, Shop for clothes
  • Unit 5: Exchange personal information, Use the infinitive
  • Unit 6: Ask people about themselves, Ask questions
  • Unit 7: Tell time, form the present tense
  • Unit 8: Talk to someone formally, talk about hobbies
  • Unit 9: Describe your breakfast, discuss travel plans
  • Unit 10: Talk about school, share work schedules
  • Unit 11: Book a hotel, use articles
  • Unit 12: Unit 12: Describe your routine, talk about the weather

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